CFNM Cam Shows on Skype


What Is CFNM?


CFNM is an acronym for Clothed Female/Naked Male.

This fetish appeals to men who love exhibitionism or Domination/submission play, or a combination of both. Women attracted to CFNM cam shows on skype love the power exchange element inherent to the niche, and we revel in stripping men bare to perform for us and for our pleasure (as mutual as that pleasure may be. 🙂

As opposed to typical cam sites where female camgirls perform for men, in our CFNM playground you are the center of attention. You move for us, you moan in ecstasy for us, you perform for us. CFNM cam shows on skype are never by rote or routine, rather each experience is unqiue and completely customized to fulfill your personal fantasies. We invite you to contact us via our profile pages and share your fantasy with us, we’d love to realize your deepest fantasies with you.

While each CFNM experience on skype is unique, some of the most popular requests we receive involve elements such as Femdom (Female Domination), exhibitionism, games and risk-taking, SPH, sensual domination and JOI (jerk off instruction).


How Do CFNM Cam Shows Differ Than the Typical Webcam Sites?


Unlike the major webcam sites that involve multiple chat room guests, on skype your experiences with your CFNM camgirl of choice are completely exclusive and one on one. An additional benefit to using skype as a medium for your CFNM cam shows is that both the audio and video quality offered by the service are superior to the technology used by most cam sites. We also love that our CFNM cam shows can be pre-arranged, a delight for those who love to build up anticipation prior to a CFNM webcam encounter.

We are experienced and professional independent camgirls who love conducting our own independent CFNM webcam sessions with a delicious mix of complete freedom from the constraints of the mainstream webcam sites while providing complete privacy and discretion for our CFNM cam show clients and playmates.


Our Favorite Free Messenger Services for CFNM Cam Shows



Skype is our preferred service for one on one CFNM cam shows, as this free service offers the highest video and audio stream quality.
Click here to download skype.


Discord is a free service that is rapidly growing in popularity.
Click here to download Discord.


The Most Popular Styles of CFNM Cam Shows


While every CFNM cam show is wholly unqiue, customized to fulfill your own unique fantasies and desires, CFNM cam shows do share some common themes that we’ll be exploring below.


This style of CFNM cam show is for men who love to be the center of attention, who love to be put on display. Your body is the star of the show as we undress you, encouraging you to perform for us. You feel our eyes on you as the intensity builds, as we guide you to a delicious orgasm for our mutual pleasure.


Roleplay is a delightful element of CFNM that may contain elements of power exchange and fantasies. Naughty neighbor, domineering boss, movie director, maid who finds out your kinky secrets and then uses that knowledge to control you and toy with you, the possibilities and the scenarios are endless, limited only by our own imaginations. We are creative and imaginative camgirls who love incorporating roleplay into our CFNM cam shows, and we invite you to share your deepest fantasies with us, enacting them live on skype.


Femdom and Female Domination involve a strong, superior Women controlling and dominating our subservient male playmate. Femdom cam shows can involve verbal orders, teasing, cuckolding, humiliation and laughing, strap ons, CBT and orgasm control/denial and the options are only limited by our imaginations and personal boundaries


SPH stands for small penis humiliation, and this style of CFNM show is perfect for men who love to be laughed at and mocked.

Sensual Domination

Sensual domination is a gentle version of Female Domination that instead of inflicting punishment is centered around a celebration of your powerful, Dominant goddess. You worship us, you perform for us and our entertainment and pleasure is your reward.

Jerk off Instruction (JOI)

Jerk off instruction (JOI) is a popular style of CFNM cam show that involves you being encouraged to disrobe and perform for us. Our words set the tempo, our gaze upon you makes you throb. JOI often includes elements of cum countdowns and orgasm control.

When it comes to CFNM cam shows there are no rules other than that we share something intense and personalized together during each skype call. Share your kinks and fantasies with us and let’s meet on webcam for the extraordinary experience you crave.


How to Prepare for a Skype Video Call


To ensure that your CFNM cam shows run smoothly it’s important to follow a few preparatory steps to ensure a clear and crisp video and audio connection.

If you have a weak internet connection connect to your ethernet if possible and close out all unnecessary programs. Also run through your audio and video settings by following the steps below.


To set your computer for seamless cam to cam CFNM cam shows with audio, visit the top toolbar on your skype home screen.

Click on Tools and then scroll down to Options.

Clicking Options will open a general settings screen, from there you can select both your Audio Settings and Video Settings by clicking the left side menu items and running through the set up selection options

To perform cam to cam CFNM cam shows on a Mac, visit Skype>Preferences to select your webcam source and adjust your speaker and mic volumes and settings.

To initiate a skype video call visit Contacts in your skype program.

Slide your cursor over their profile icon and select Video Call.

Unlike with Windows systems you MUST have a webcam source selected in order to perform a skype video call.

To begin a video call with cam to cam on your iPad or iPhone, touch on People and select your chosen contact.

Then touch the Video Call button option located on your contact’s profile window

To set and adjust your video and audio settings for your skype video call follow the steps below:

  • Touch   to alternate between your back and front camera or to turn off your webcam/video feed during the call
  • Touch to enable the volume of or to shut off your microphone
  • Touch to adjust the speaker volume of your device
  • Touch  to switch from your speakers/mic to a headset during your call
  • Touch  to enable the chat box that allows you to write to and view messages from your contacts
Android devices often require the manual enabling of skype video calls.

To set up your device for skype touch (Menu) and then select Settings.

From there select Voice and video calls. Then select ‘enable video calling’.

During a skype call touch on to enable your webcam.

Additional Android Settings:

  • Touch to select your front or back webcam or to turn on your webcam feed
  • Touch  to control your microphone settings
  • Touch  to select options including sending and receiving chat messages and transmitting files.

Unfortunately only Android OS version 2.2 or higher with an ARMv7 processor are able to support skype video calls. Earlier version Android devices lack this capability.



Please note that our CFNM skype webcam shows are not a free service. All of our CFNM webcam sessions are subject to a flat rate fee.
You will be safely and discreetly billed by JS Networks on your credit card statement.